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Vainglory 5V5 3.6.1 (82003)
Join with friends or go solo in this breathtaking free-to-play,real-time PvP MOBA filled with dragons, epic heroes and a globalcommunity of allies ready to fight by your side. Super EvilMegacorp’s Vainglory 5V5 is the only “no-compromises” MOBA onmobile, providing to players superior gameplay and strategic depth,the most accurate and responsive controls and the best graphics andhighest frame rates on mobile.Sound intense? Only if you want it tobe. Have fun your way with casual and competitive experiencesranging from 5-minute BRAWLs to the full 5V5 battle arenaexperience.At Super Evil, we believe every phone is a portablenext-gen console, and that every mobile player deserves games justas core, strategic and performant as players on PC. Experience themost powerful game engine on the platform — and the most fun you’veever had playing on a mobile device.If your current game was dumbeddown for a mobile audience, you deserve better. Never settle forthe lesser evil.THE CATEGORY-DEFINING 5V5 MOBA FOR MOBILE:- Realline-of-sight Fog of War- 120 FPS support- Skill-based play &decision-making- Macro & rotational strategies- Objective-rich3-lane map- Free Camera- Last-hitting- Wave Control- LaneTeleports- Active items- Intricate vision system- Original fantasycharacters and storytellingVainglory 5V5 is the first and only trueMOBA on the mobile platform.----------------------"This is one ofthe best multiplayer experiences on mobile. Vainglory is a totallylegit MOBA experience, available any time in the palm of yourhand." —IGN“Best Mobile Game” —2016 Global MobileAwards----------------------Features:== Casual, Ranked and BRAWLModes ==Vainglory offers real-time MOBA combat with and againstbots or live players. Whether you’re ranking up with your guild orjust just have time for five minutes of fun, Vainglory has thegameplay style for you.== 37+ Playable Heroes & Unlockableskins ==Master heroes across a variety of themes and playstyles.Make unforgettable plays as a high-damage carry. Attack from theshadows as a menacing jungler. Soak up damage and save your friendsas a front-line captain. However you like to play, Vainglory hasunique, captivating heroes you’ll love — along with a hunt forskins you can earn through play without spending any money.==Precise Touch Input, Intuitive Joystick Controls & E.V.I.LEngine Designed for Mobile ==Designed exclusively for mobile,Vainglory’s game engine is made for jaw-dropping teamfight battlesrunning as high as 120 frames per second. Choose your playstyle;Vainglory is the only MOBA with Intuitive Joystick AND PrecisionTap Controls. Our pinpoint, sub-30ms controls offer theresponsiveness and autonomy you need to win.== Guilds & Teams==Need someone to play with? Vainglory’s built-in Guild Findermakes finding a team at your skill level simple. Create a team toclimb ranks as a group or party up with your Guild to have fun andearn more rewards.== Chests & Quests ==Every time you playVainglory, you make progress and collect loot you can use to openchests, unlock skins and hero talents and more. And if you’relucky, you’ll hit one of the many massive jackpots.==World-renowned International Mobile Esport ==Watch and learn fromthe pros and enjoy some of the best matches you’ve ever seen — andif you’re the best of the best, travel the world and compete formassive prize pools!== Vibrant Community ==Vainglory is a globalcommunity in 14 different languages that thrives on the support ofactive players.----------------------Twitter:
VG: Vulkan Beta 2.6.0
The Vulkan beta offers up to 30% improvedperformance — translating to longer battery life, faster controlsand higher framerates.Welcome to the Halcyon Fold. Join with friends in a free-to-play,real-time PvP multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Dive into avariety of game modes; from quick Brawl matches to deep competitiveRanked games. Vainglory lets you choose from an ever-growing rosterof 30+ heroes as you battle in real-time to destroy the enemy Vaincrystal. In this MOBA, you’re rewarded for strategy and teamwork —not for spending the most money.----------------------"This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile.Vainglory is a totally legit MOBA experience, available any time inthe palm of your hand." —IGN“Best Mobile Game” —2016 Global Mobile Awards“Some of the best visuals seen on the App Store.” —MacworldUK----------------------Features:== Casual, Ranked and Quickplay Modes ==Vainglory offers real-time MOBA combat with and against bots orlive players. Whether you’re ranking up with your guild or justwant to hop into a five-minute play session, Vainglory has thegameplay style for you.== 30+ Playable Heroes & Unlockable skins ==Choose a hero that fits your playstyle. Carry your team with ahigh-damage hero, dominate the jungle or lead your team into battleas a Captain. Then collect three different tiers of skins (and theseasonal special edition skins) that fit your personality!== Touch Controls & E.V.I.L Engine Designed for Mobile ==Designed for mobile, Vainglory’s game engine is made for intense,battles with 60 FPS. No need for a joystick; Vainglory’s pinpointtouch controls offer sub-30ms control responsiveness. In simpleterms, you tap on the enemy: They die.== Guilds and Teams ==Need someone to play with? Vainglory’s built-in Guild Finder makesfinding a team at your skill level simple. Create a team to climbranks as a group or play with your Guild to earn even morerewards.== Chests and Rewards ==Collect in-game currency to unlock amazing tiered rewards likeskins, heroes and more! Find Mystery Keys to get bonuses and theopportunity to get huge payouts.== Worldwide Competitive Esports ==Vainglory has official competitive circuits in multiple regionsaround the world. Seasonal tournaments and live esports events arebroadcast regularly.== Vibrant Community ==Vainglory is a global community in 17 different languages thatthrives on the support of active players. Follow Vainglory’sofficial social media channels for the latest news andannouncements!----------------------Twitter: Vainglory Forums: