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Top 49 Games Similar to Clash of Clans

Clash Royale 2.3.2
Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comesareal-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, yourfavoriteClash characters and much, much more.Collect and upgradedozens ofcards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells anddefenses youknow and love, as well as the Royales: Princes,Knights, BabyDragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princessesfrom theirtowers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crownsand gloryin the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build yourvery ownbattle community.Lead the Clash Royale Family tovictory!PLEASENOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play,however, some gameitems can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou do not want touse this feature, please set up passwordprotection for purchasesin the settings of your Google Play Storeapp. Also, under ourTerms of Service and Privacy Policy, you mustbe at least 13 yearsof age to play or download Clash Royale.Anetwork connection isalso required.FEATURES● Duel players fromaround the world inreal-time and take their Trophies● Earn cheststo unlock rewards,collect powerful new cards and upgrade existingones● Destroyopponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crownchests● Buildand upgrade your card collection with the Clash RoyaleFamily alongwith dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells anddefenses●Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat youropponents●Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top●Form aClan to share cards and build your very own battlecommunity●Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel●Learndifferent battle tactics by watching the best duels onTVRoyaleSupportAre you having problems?Visit or contact us in game by goingtoSettings > Help and Support.PrivacyPolicy:’sGuide:
Boom Beach 35.119
Welcome to Boom Beach: come with a plan or leave in defeat!Fighttheevil Blackguard with brains and brawn in this epic combatstrategygame. Attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders andunlock thesecrets of this tropical paradise. Create a Task Forcewith playersaround the world to take on the enemy together. Scout,plan, thenBOOM THE BEACH!PLEASE NOTE! Boom Beach is free todownload and play.However, some game items can also be purchasedfor real money. Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please setup passwordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp.FEATURES- Play with millions of other players, raidhundreds ofenemy bases for loot- Battle for control of preciousresources toupgrade your base against enemy attacks- Explore ahuge tropicalarchipelago and discover the mysterious power of theLife Crystals-Face fearsome Blackguard Bosses and uncover theirevil plans- Joinother players to form an unstoppable Task Force totake on co-opmissionsUnder our Terms of Services and PrivacyPolicy, Boom Beachis allowed for download and play only forpersons 13 years or overof age without parental consent.Note: Anetwork connection isrequired toplayParent'sguide:
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Join your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown againstrealhuman opponents, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Choose yourfavoriteheroes and build the perfect team with yourcomrades-in-arms!10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning,jungling, towerrushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs andaction games inthe palm of your hand! Feed your eSportsspirit!Mobile Legends:Bang Bang, 2017’s brand new mobile eSportsmasterpiece. Shatteryour opponents with the touch of your fingerand claim the crown ofstrongest Challenger!Your phone thirsts forbattle!Features: 1.Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles Real-time 5v5battles against realopponents. Fight over 3 lanes to take theenemy’s tower. 4 jungleareas. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild Bosses.Complete reproductions ofclassic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human vs.Human battles. Atriumphant return to genuine MOBA gameplay.2. Winwith Teamwork& Strategy Block damage, control the enemy, andheal teammates!Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins,Supports, etc. toanchor your team or be match MVP! New heroes areconstantly beingreleased!3. Fair Fights, Carry Your Team to VictoryJust likeclassic MOBAs, there is no hero training or paying forstats.Winners and losers are decided based on skill and ability onthisfair and balanced platform for competitive gaming. Play to Win,notPay to Win.4. Simple Controls, Easy to Master With avirtualjoystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, 2fingers areall you need to become a master! Autolock and targetsifting allowyou to last hit to your heart’s content. Never miss!And aconvenient tap-to-equip system lets you focus on the thrillofbattle!5. 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute Matches Matchmakingonlytakes 10 seconds, and battles last 10 minutes, glossing overthequiet early-game leveling up and jumping right intointensebattles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, andmorethrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At any place, atanymoment, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, andimmerseyourself in heart-pounding MOBA competition.6. Smart OfflineAIAssistance In most MOBAs, a dropped connection means hangingyourteam out to dry, but with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’spowerfulreconnection system, if you get dropped, you can be back inthebattle in seconds. And while you’re offline, your character willbecontrolled by our AI system to avoid a 5-on-4situation.PLEASENOTE! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is free to downloadand play,however some game items can also be purchased for realmoney. Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,you mustbe at least 12 years of age to play or download MobileLegends:Bang Bang.Contact Us You can get customer serviceassistance viathe [Contact Us] button in the game to help you withany problemsyou may encounter while playing. You can also find uson thefollowing platforms. We welcome all of your Mobile Legends:BangBang thoughts and suggestions:Customer ServiceEmail:[email protected]:@mobilelegendsgameFacebook:
Hay Day 1_39_93
Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farminggameon mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries.Learn thelayof the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighborsandfriends. It’s a real special place where the crops never dieeventhough it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirkyanimalsonly makes things more fun!PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free todownloadand install. However, some game items can also be purchasedforreal money. If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppassword protection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Store app. A network connection isalsorequired.~~~~~~~~~~FEATURES~~~~~~~~~~♥ Grow and customizeyourfarm♥ Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors andfriendsthrough your very own roadside shop♥ Fulfill orders withyour truckand even by steamboat♥ Repair your dock and cast yourlure to fishthe waters♥ Build your own town andwelcomevisitors~~~~~~~~~~~MEDIA MENTIONS~~~~~~~~~~~Hay Day‘spresentationis fairly cinematic for a mobile game. It’s eye candy.[...] Ifyou’re a fan of simulation games, Hay Day is visuallypleasing andwill definitely keep your inner agriculturalist giddyforhours grow and your twee factories spew out products is aquietlypleasingexperience. is very proud to announce over 5 millionfive star reviews onGoogle Play!~~~~~~~~~~SUPPORT~~~~~~~~~~Neighbor, are you havingproblems? Visit orcontact us ingame by going to Settings > Help and Support.Underour Terms ofServices and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed fordownload andplay only for persons 13 years or over ofage.PrivacyPolicy:'sGuide:
Vainglory 5V5 3.6.1 (82003)
Join with friends or go solo in this breathtakingfree-to-play,real-time PvP MOBA filled with dragons, epic heroesand a globalcommunity of allies ready to fight by your side. SuperEvilMegacorp’s Vainglory 5V5 is the only “no-compromises” MOBAonmobile, providing to players superior gameplay and strategicdepth,the most accurate and responsive controls and the bestgraphics andhighest frame rates on mobile.Sound intense? Only ifyou want it tobe. Have fun your way with casual and competitiveexperiencesranging from 5-minute BRAWLs to the full 5V5 battlearenaexperience.At Super Evil, we believe every phone is aportablenext-gen console, and that every mobile player deservesgames justas core, strategic and performant as players on PC.Experience themost powerful game engine on the platform — and themost fun you’veever had playing on a mobile device.If your currentgame was dumbeddown for a mobile audience, you deserve better.Never settle forthe lesser evil.THE CATEGORY-DEFINING 5V5 MOBA FORMOBILE:- Realline-of-sight Fog of War- 120 FPS support- Skill-basedplay &decision-making- Macro & rotational strategies-Objective-rich3-lane map- Free Camera- Last-hitting- Wave Control-LaneTeleports- Active items- Intricate vision system- Originalfantasycharacters and storytellingVainglory 5V5 is the first andonly trueMOBA on the mobile platform.----------------------"This isone ofthe best multiplayer experiences on mobile. Vainglory is atotallylegit MOBA experience, available any time in the palm ofyourhand." —IGN“Best Mobile Game” —2016 GlobalMobileAwards----------------------Features:== Casual, Ranked andBRAWLModes ==Vainglory offers real-time MOBA combat with andagainstbots or live players. Whether you’re ranking up with yourguild orjust just have time for five minutes of fun, Vainglory hasthegameplay style for you.== 37+ Playable Heroes &Unlockableskins ==Master heroes across a variety of themes andplaystyles.Make unforgettable plays as a high-damage carry. Attackfrom theshadows as a menacing jungler. Soak up damage and save yourfriendsas a front-line captain. However you like to play, Vaingloryhasunique, captivating heroes you’ll love — along with a huntforskins you can earn through play without spending anymoney.==Precise Touch Input, Intuitive Joystick Controls &E.V.I.LEngine Designed for Mobile ==Designed exclusively formobile,Vainglory’s game engine is made for jaw-dropping teamfightbattlesrunning as high as 120 frames per second. Choose yourplaystyle;Vainglory is the only MOBA with Intuitive Joystick ANDPrecisionTap Controls. Our pinpoint, sub-30ms controls offertheresponsiveness and autonomy you need to win.== Guilds &Teams==Need someone to play with? Vainglory’s built-in GuildFindermakes finding a team at your skill level simple. Create ateam toclimb ranks as a group or party up with your Guild to havefun andearn more rewards.== Chests & Quests ==Every time youplayVainglory, you make progress and collect loot you can use toopenchests, unlock skins and hero talents and more. And ifyou’relucky, you’ll hit one of the many massivejackpots.==World-renowned International Mobile Esport ==Watch andlearn fromthe pros and enjoy some of the best matches you’ve everseen — andif you’re the best of the best, travel the world andcompete formassive prize pools!== Vibrant Community ==Vainglory isa globalcommunity in 14 different languages that thrives on thesupport ofactiveplayers.----------------------Twitter:
Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG 1.77
The world is much changed after the first emperor's death. Drivenbytheir ambition and greed, Lords seek power and shatter thepeacethat once reigned. The Land has been split into myriadclashingkingdoms, many declaring themselves the rightful heirs tothethrone. Countless monsters have risen from the depths towreakhavoc across the battle-scarred lands. The endless king warsforglory and power have begun, and the time for a battle hero toriseup has come... Explore the exotic magical lands of LORDSMOBILE,which have been thrown into war and chaos by terrifyingmonsters,powerful warlords, and cunning enemies. Restore thebalance ofpower in this RPG conquering game by creating thegreatest castleempire ever! Recruit soldiers, heroes and warlords,forge alliancesand fight for victory! Defeat your foes and conquerand expand yourkingdom's territory in these battle games! Fightyour way throughmany epic battles and establish yourself as one ofthe world'sgreatest warlords in this real-time strategy war andmobile MMORPGempire game! ☆ Open-World Kingdom MMORPG: Build andConquer toCreate a Mighty Empire ☆ Explore, conquer, and clash inthe arenawith other players in this MMO in order to save yourcastle andachieve victory! Join a guild and battle millions ofplayers in anopen world on a mobile platform! ☆ Defend YourKingdom's Territory☆ Secure your battle troops and war heroes,fight a dragon, defeatyour warlords' opponents, and defend yourempire's castle fromdestruction at any cost to achieve victory. Aperfect war strategyrequires an invulnerable defense! ☆ FindFriends and Clash! ☆ Fightand attack with your kingdom's allies andtactics, and ride intothis epic multiplayer battle as a guild tocrush your enemy in amobile MMORPG! ☆ Rule as Emperor of theWarlords ☆ Emergevictorious in a MMO multiplayer strategy battleroyale for thekingdom, and claim the throne in this empire game!Will your legacyas a conqueror and emperor be just or cruel? ☆Clash with PowerfulHeroes ☆ Recruit and upgrade your war heroes andkings withlegendary skills to clash in the battle arena! Let themattack,conquer enemy kingdoms, fight for victory, and match themtocomplete an RPG campaign! ☆ Master Your War Strategy as anEmperor☆ Plan your tactics for the battles ahead! Use differentarmylineups and perfect your multiplayer battle strategyforcounterattacks! Discover the best way to conquer enemy warlordsinthis mobile war MMORPG! ☆ Epic Multiplayer Battles: DifferentTroopTypes ☆ Lead your warriors and soldiers as king-emperor intheseclan wars! Choose the type of troops and survive the battlearena:infantry, cavalry, archers, siege, or a mix! ☆ SwitchKingdoms ☆Establish your empire on new lands by moving to anyserver you wantwith a simple tap in this combat war strategy andkingdom MMORPG! ☆Choose Your Battle Path: Fight or Trade ☆ Createan economic empirebased on trade, treasures, and alliances withfriends, or become anoffensive player that attacks and conquersenemy kingdoms! Will youliberate prisoners of war? Or will yourarmy crumble to dust? It'sall about planning your battle strategyand warfare tactics! Nokingdom can stand in your way in thisvillage builder and battlegame! Gather your military allies andmake use of different tacticson the battlefield to achieve victoryin LORDS MOBILE, amultiplayer war strategy RPG. Attack and conquernew territory,plan your battle strategy with your heroes andwarlords, and buildan epic empire! Your kingdom awaits. Are youready for thelegendary showdown in this MMORPG challenge?Facebook:
Plants vs. Zombies FREE 2.2.00
Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombiesisabout to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49zombie-zappingplants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs andmore — tomulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down yourdoor. Thisapp offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settingsWINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THEYEARAWARDS*50 FUN-DEAD LEVELSConquer all 50 levels of Adventuremode —through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftopandmore. Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as youcanwith Survival mode!NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULSBattlezombiepole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 morefun-deadzombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need tothinkfast and plant faster to combat them all.Requires acceptanceofEA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.SMARTERTHANYOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIEBe careful how you use your limited supplyofgreens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they'll jump,run,dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. OpentheAlmanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to helpplanyour strategy. FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGEREarn 49powerfulperennials as you progress and collect coins to buy a petsnail,power-ups and more.GROW WITH YOUR GAMEShow off yourzombie-zappingprowess by earning 46 awesome achievements and showoff yourzombie-zapping prowess.COIN PACKSNeed coins for great newstuff?Buy up to 600,000 coins right from the Main Menu.*OriginalMac/PCdownloadable game.Be the first to know! Get inside EA info ongreatdeals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more… FOLLOW US: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance orinquiries.EA may retireonline features and services after 30 days’notice posted ConsumerInformation. Thisapp contains direct links to the InternetRequiresacceptance of EA’sPrivacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement
Stick War: Legacy 1.7.04
One of the most popular and highest rated web games of all timenowcomes to mobile!Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest,mostfun, challenging and addicting stick figure games. Controlyourarmy in formations or play each unit, you have total controlofevery stickman. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of theSword,Spear, Archer, Mage, and even Giant. Destroy the enemystatue, andcapture all Territories!New Features:● Endless Deadszombiesurvival mode! How many nights can you last?● Comic bookstylecinematic intro for Endless Deads! ● Tournament mode! Battleyourway through dozens of Ai challengers to win the "CrownofInamorta!"Campaign Mode:In a world called Inamorta,you'resurrounded by discriminate nations devoted to theirindividualnations technology and struggle for dominance. Eachnation hasdeveloped its own unique way to defend and attack. Proudof theirunique craft they have become obsessed to the point ofworship,turning weapons to religion. Each believe that their way oflife isthe only way, and are dedicated to teaching their polices toallother nations through what there leaders claim asdivineintervention, or as you will know it... war. The others areknownas: "Archidons" the way of the archer, "Swordwrath" the way ofthesword, "Magikill" the way of the mage, and "Speartons" the wayofthe Spear. You are the leader of the nation called "Order",yourway is of peace and knowledge, your people do not worshiptheirweapons as gods. This makes you a mark for infiltration bythesurrounding nations. Your only chance to defend is to attackfirst,and obtain the technology's from each nation along the way.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia 4.1.1
Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players onlineor12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen yourskillsin offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot amultitude ofweapon types including the sniper, shotgun andflamethrower.Featuresexplosive online and local multiplayerwarfare! Intuitive dual stickshooting controls. Open world mapsutilizing rocket boots forextended vertical flight. Zoom control,melee attacks and dual wieldability with modern and futuristicheavy duty weapons and grenades.Play team based battles in thisfun cartoon themed cross betweenSoldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 MiniMilitia aka DA2, based on theoriginal stickman shooter DoodleArmy, was created based on playerfeedback and suggestions. We loveto hear your ideas so thank youand keep them coming! Give a callout to Sarge from the in-gameemail link!Purchase the Pro PlayerPack to get full access to dualwield ability, extra avatarcustomization items and online weaponssuch as the rocket launcher,sniper rifle, laser, saw gun andmore!Note the alternative In AppPurchase offer: Your use of theunlocked Pro Pack trial access isfree of charge, per device, inexchange for safely using some ofyour device's resources (WiFi andvery limited cellular data), andonly when you are not using yourdevice. You may turn this offanytime when logging out of yourAppsomniacs account. Please seeour TOS for furtherinformation. (section 3.3)
Clash of Kings : The King Of Fighters version 3.45.0
Elex Wireless
Exclusive Ramadan Sale! Get it now or wait until next year!Onlyavailable ONCE after Castle lvl. 7.Battle kingdoms, wage war,fightarmies, build your castle and conquer an empire with realtimestrategy in this epic multiplayer online RPG. Download ClashofKings to experience the CoK fantasy world of PVP medievalcombataction in an epic war game.Fight kingdoms, use dragons toenhanceyour abilities and conquer an empire in the multiplayer wargamethat pits your army against enemies and friends alike. Thebattleaction heats up with a new army to fight, four newcivilizations toexplore and a new Popularity ranking system todominate – join theClash of Kings online game and play real timewar strategy in thisRPG for control over all the CoK kingdoms.CoK –Top 5 Reasons toDownload: 1. Play CoK with real time MMO battleaction againstthousands of players worldwide 2. Battle kingdoms,upgrade dragonsand your army defenses, collect resources and buildan empire inthis epic multiplayer online game 3. Fight against arival castle,palace or kingdom and navigate the CoK fantasy world4. Playtactical MMO real time battle strategy and build allianceswithother lords and leaders 5. Battle and conquer kingdoms infourbrand new civilizations and fight to retain yourempire’sPopularity ranking in the online RPG and CoKbattlefield.Fightagainst other lords and wage war in the massivePVP online game.Battle for control of the kingdom, build an armyand shore up yourdefenses with upgrades to your castle, palace,dragons and armybarracks to withstand even the most powerful PVEattack. Play realtime strategy to strengthen control over yourkingdoms, upgradeyour equipment and fight in an epic MMO war todefend your castlefrom an enemy attack. Gain resources for yourarmy and upgrade yourpalace by developing farms and sawmills. Buildstrategic allianceswith other leaders and maintain them for youradvantage.Senddragons on a journey to bring back gifts for yourkingdom, usetactical MMO RPG gameplay to prevent a siege on yourpalace, battleenemies and manage your palace’s resources to becomeone of themost powerful lords in the Clash of Kings empire. Explorethe newcivilizations of Dragon-born, Viking, Yamato and Huaxiaconquer allnew territories. With new heroes each with their ownspecialtiesbattling it out in the ancient valley, thesebattle-tested warriorsare ready for intense fighting action withinthe ever expandingmultiplayer fantasy world.Download Clash ofKings, battle enemiesfor top billing in the Popularity feature andtake control of therealm in this epic MMO PVP war! Connect withClash of Kings! •Facebook: •Google+:•Twitter: •YouTube: youhavingproblems? Send an email to [email protected] to contact us, orcontactthe Customer Service staff by tapping on the Billboard ofyourcastle.Privacy Policy and Terms ofService:
Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games 3.18.6
Duel players from all around the world in the best real-timegame!Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells: from the lovelyDryad tothe tremendous Dragon! Play now, for free!Lead your armytovictory! Build a strong deck and crush your enemy'scastledeploying your troops! Earn trophies and climb the globalranking!Fight the enemy clans and defend your army! Open yourchests todiscover and unlock new powerful warriors and spells! Willyou getone of the magic legendary cards? Define your strategy andchooseyour warriors carefully. Archers to kill from a distance? ARoyaleGolem to break through the defense? Or a heal spell to give aboostto your troops? Your decision will make the differencebetweenvictory and defeat!FEATURES+ Duel other players in epicbattles+Collect new powerful troops+ Destroy opponent’s castles tounlocknew cards+ Progress through multiple levels all the way tothe top+Learn different battle tactics and become the ultimatechampion+Free Daily cards+ Open magical chests+ Earn trophies+Joinlegendary clans+ Fun, intuitive mechanics+ Real-time duellinggame+Play for free!Get into the arena and clash against otherplayers onepic battles! The combat may be hard, prepare yourstrategy to winthis pvp war game!One of the best multiplayerstrategy games! Joinnow this epic card game and have fun fightingyour enemies!! Playit with your friends and have fun as if you werekids, boys andgirls.Join the Castle Crush community: FacebookPageForums
World of Tanks Blitz
Meet the legendary tank shooter. Join more than 90 millionplayers!Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, researchandupgrade armored vehicles, try different tactics and win. Chooseatank and join the battle!GAME FEATURES• A huge world oftanks.Witness historical vehicles and models from other popularuniversesface off on the battlefield. The game features more than250 uniquevehicles!• Dynamic 7vs7 battles in different modes and inmore than20 game locations. Every battle is unpredictable: theoutcomedepends on you and your team.• A well-developed progressionsystem.Explore the full range of vehicles from Tier I light tankstohumongous Tier X heavies. Change guns, install equipment,applycamouflage—tune your vehicle to match your playstyle.•Spectaculargraphics that are automatically optimized for yourdevice. Manualtuning helps find a balance between vibrant colorsand high FPS.•Team game. Create platoons with your friends or joina clan tofight with like-minded people, then participate intournaments withprizes!To install the game, you need at least 3 GBof free spaceand an internet connection.For more information pleasevisit
Last Empire - War Z: Strategy 1.0.209
Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers!Protect your empirebyshooting and battling the zombie army that wants to stealyourresources in Last Empire - War Z, a strategy RPG and basebuildingwar game. Build an army with other players from around theglobeand plan an attack with your own zombie army! Develop yourkingdomand befriend empire allies to combat both zombie and humanenemies.Do you have what it takes to be the strongestcommander?Last Empire- War Z is a zombie-themed free-to-play warstrategy game. Battlezombie troops and survivors to protect yourempire against theupcoming zombie war. Team up with friends fromaround the world tobuild an army, increase your zombie defensestrategy andparticipate in special events. Take part in brutalzombie warfareand build an army to grow your empire – surviving thezombieapocalypse is in your hands in Last Empire - War Z!LastEmpire -War Z Features:Strategy War Games &EmpireDefense *Strategy war games pit you against an endlesszombiehorde!*Empire building games – Base building strategythatencourages players to work together and achievepowerfulbonuses!*Build a zombie defense strategy during in-gameevents andregular survivor challenges for great rewards!BattleZombie Troopswith Alliance Members*Battle zombie troops and othersurvivorsduring the zombie apocalypse.*Attack zombies in real timeon theworld map and chat with alliance members worldwide!*Empirealliesbattle with you to destroy zombie troops and other survivorstoexpand your empire.Build an Army with Zombie & HumanTroops*Build an army of deadly Zombie Troops to destroy yourenemies anddefend your empire!* Zombie apocalypse survivors can berecruitedand upgraded with unique war skills and strategy.*Strategy iseverything. Varied Skill Trees allow players to enhancetheirheroes.Build an army of zombie troops, battle to survive thezombieapocalypse, and defend your empire in Last Empire - War Z!PLEASENOTE! Last Empire – War Z is free to download and install.However,some game items can also be purchased for real money. Ifyou don'twant to use this feature, please disable in­-app purchasesin yourdevice's settings. A network connection is alsorequired.Under ourTerms of Services and Privacy Policy, Last Empire– War Z isallowed for download and play only for persons 12 yearsor over ofage.
Chess Free 2.72
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Chess Free is the bestfreeChess game on Android and is currently the highest ranked (attimeof writing) from the 120+ free chess programs listed!Itsfirstclass tutor makes it great for both developing Chess Strategyandimproving your chess skills. Completely free! This is not ademo,and has no locked options. Featuring: -- 12 playlevels(Novice->Expert) This uses intelligent weakening forlowerlevels. Good for beginners.-- Casual and Pro modes. Learn onCasualand progress to Pro.-- Chess Tutor. This powerful optionshows arecommended piece to move, excellent for developing chessstrategyand avoiding simple mistakes.-- Analyse move. Performdeeperanalysis on your move.-- “Show CPU Thinking” option for level3+.Allows the user to see what the AI is considering.--Achievements,Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! Uses yourGoogle+ account--Provides ELO Rating based on your results againstCPU in ProMode.-- Review game mode. Step through your game!--Load/Save gamefiles & PGN Export-- Designed for both Tablet andPhone,supporting Landscape mode for Tablets. -- 2 player hot-seatandonline. Play against your friends!-- Chess Stats, Timers, HintsandHandicaps-- 8 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets-- UsesTreebeardChess engine (as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess). This hasa unique"human-like" style. This free version is supported by 3rdpartyads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and thereforesubsequentdata charges may apply. The photos/media/files permissionisrequired to allow the game to save game data to externalstorage,and is sometimes used to cache ads. Download the best ChessforAndroid now!
Asphalt 8: Airborne 3.7.1a
In Asphalt 8, you’ll race in some of the hottest,mosthigh-performance dream machines ever created, from cars tobikes,as you take them on a global tour of speed. From the blazingNevadaDesert to the tight turns of Tokyo, you’ll find a worldofchallenge, excitement and arcade fun on your road to thetop!REALLUXURY DREAM CARS & MOTORCYCLES!• Over 220high-performancecars and bikes for you to drive and push beyondtheir limits.• Toplicensed manufacturers and models, such as theLamborghini Veneno,Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, FerrariLaFerrari, McLaren P1,Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Ducati Monster 1200 andmore, including aselection of racing motorbikes!• Newly recordedhigh-fidelity motorsounds for realistic audio immersion.• Customize& upgrade yourrides with over 2,300 decals to take down youropponents withstyle!GET AIRBORNE WITH ASPHALT 8• Hit the ramps andtake the racebeyond the limits of physics as you break free fromgravity andinto the sky with your car or bike!• Perform barrelrolls and wild360º jumps as you soar past your opponents.• Maneuverthrough theair while pulling off insane stunts in your car ormotorcycle tomaximize your speed and find a fast route to thegoal.EXOTIC NEWLOCATIONS• Over 40 high-speed tracks in 16 differentsettings, suchas Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada Desert& otherexciting locations to ride your car or bike across!•Race any trackyou want in original mode or its mirror variation toensure a freshchallenge in Career mode that’s sure to keep you onyour toes.•Discover plenty of shortcuts hidden throughout everylocation.Mastering them is sure to raise your game to the top ofthecompetition!AN ENDLESS STREAM OF CONTENT FOR SPEED FREAKS!•9seasons & over 400 events in Career mode, with plentyofchallenges for even the most experienced car andmotorcycleriders.• Stunning visuals thanks to next-gen shaders,real-timegeometry reflection & other amazing HD effects.• Checkout theInfected and Gate Drift modes for a fresh twist on racing.•Win topprizes in the Limited-Time Cups, including early access tosome ofthe latest cars in the game!• A detailed damage system.THEULTIMATEMULTIPLAYER RACING EXPERIENCE!• Gear up forsimultaneousmultiplayer action for up to 8 real players!•Multiplayer Seasons& Leagues! Race your best against otherplayers to score pointsand unlock prizes in limited-time RacingSeasons.• Dare friends toasynchronous races as you chase yourrivals’ ghost cars and bikesacross the track.• Compare scores onthe new leaderboards withfriends and rival riders around theworld.• Share your racingachievements and prove that you’re theultimate speed machine.MUSICTO REV YOUR SOUL• A heart-thumping mixof amazing music licensedfor Asphalt 8 to drive your need for fastarcade racing.CONTROLCUSTOMIZATION• Rearrange your on-screen iconsand controls howeveryou like to customize and optimize your styleof play. So, are youready for a real HD stunt-racing experience?Can you handle theFerrari, Mercedes, or Audi of your dreams, amongdozens ofhigh-octane motorcycles? Do you have an insatiable needforgroundbreaking speed? Well, consider this your green light togoand download Asphalt8,fast!_____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at out the newblogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: appallows you to purchase virtualitems within the app and may containthird-party advertisementsthat may redirect you to a third-partysite.Privacy Policy: Use:
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.38
The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40millionusersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG andclassicalFighting. This game lets you equip your character withcountlesslethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozensoflifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush yourenemies,humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the GateofShadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, andslashyour way to victory? There’s only one way to find out.- Plungeintoepic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelikedetail byanall-new animation system.- Devastate your enemieswithdelightfully intuitive controls, thanks to anall-newfightinginterface designed especially for touchscreens.-Journey throughsix different worlds full of menacing demons in thisaction-packed,adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline.- Customize your fighter with epic swords,nunchacku,armor suits, magical powers,and more.Shadow Fight 2. Maythe battlebegin!
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.267
A top 10 strategy game all around the world!4.5 stars! Atop-ratedgame!Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone?Yourfavorite Clash of Lords 2 Heroes are fighting in afree-for-allfrenzy against a force of frightening fiends! Controlthe actionand become the greatest warlord in all the land. Tosurvive you’llneed wit, will, and we couldn't think of a word forstrength butyou get the picture. It's time to Clash!Clash of Lords2 is astrategy game with fun and innovative twists on the genre.Recruitover 50 Heroes and their mercenaries, build and defend abase, andfight alongside your friends in over 10 PvE and PvP modes!Getready to Clash!Game Features:✔ You control the action!ActivateHeroes’ skills in real time!✔ Pair Heroes and Troops withourunique Mercenary system!✔ Play it Your Way! With over 10 PvEandPvP modes, there's always something fun and different to do!✔Fightalongside your friends! Join a Guild, and clash with playersfromall over the world! You can even battle against playersfromdifferent countries!✔ Free to Play! Log in every day to winfreeHeroes and Jewels!Note: This game requires an internetconnectionto play.Visit our Facebook Fanpageat:
Warlings: Armageddon 3.9.2
Bring Armageddon to your enemies and everything aroundtheminthisnewedition of Warlings, a turn based strategy enjoyedbyover3millionplayers! Plan ahead and fight with almost 30weaponson10unique maps(more to come!). Defeat other playersonlineandreachthe Master rank.You can play withfriendstoo.FEATURES:●Fullydestructible terrain● 29awesome weapons●10qualitymaps●Customizable troops● Play online oroverBluetooth●Onlinerankedgames● Hot-seat mode
aa 1.7.3
aa is the "hello world" app for Android Phones & Tablets.i.e.aais like snake on an old brick phone, it's fundamental.HandmadeinAustralia,General AdaptiveIf it's not published by GeneralAdaptiveApps Pty Ltd - it's not the authentic and original aa.Don't befooled by clones.
Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US 1.4.51
5 years on, the epic Clash continues!Assemble your forces forabigger, better Clash!Packed with exciting combat andfast-pacedmultiplayer strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epickingdom wars!Hire powerful Heroes and equip them with legendaryweapons to leadyour mighty army of mythical creatures. Fight yourway to becomethe world's greatest king. Put your strategies to thetest indungeons, raids, wars, arenas, and missions! With over 100millionplayers worldwide, it's always time to clash! Are you readytoconquer the world, defeat enemy coalitions in battle, and buildthemost powerful and fearsome empire?Join the epic adventure toleadyour realm’s soldiers in war. Build an impenetrable fortressandcrush encroaching enemy armies in battle. Invade and attackrivalkingdoms to increase your power, and use different strategiestodefeat opponents great and small on the battlefield. UpgradeyourHeroes and their weapons. Create or join a guild to defendyourcastle and conquer other lands and dungeons in thisaction-packedmultiplayer strategy game.Build a base to generateresources forwar, upgrade your army, and improve your defenses toprotect yourmedieval village. Build a fortress to protect yourcastle andkingdom in battle. Plan your defense wisely while yousend knightsto dominate and conquer distant civilizations. Becomethe ultimateruler of an epic fantasy empire. Test your skills in awide arrayof PvP and PvE game modes. Play solo, or in co-op modeswithfriends and guild mates. Forge the strongest alliances andgatheryour best squad. Attack, and victory shall be yours!PlayCastleClash now and duel with players all around the world.What youcanexpect in Castle Clash:* Strengthen your Heroes with mightyHeroSkins!* Build an impenetrable fortress in an epicmedievalhigh-fantasy realm!* Produce resources to upgrade yourvillage'scastle and buildings!* Obtain and augment weapons for yourwarriorsso they will be stronger in war!* Choose from an array oftroopunits to create the ultimate army for the battleground!*Collectand evolve dozens of powerful Heroes and legendaryweapons!*Assemble your favorite warriors for "Squad Showdown"!*Become bestbuds with adorable Pets!* Duel fearsome bosses in thisactionstrategy game with friends in kingdoms around the world!*Excitingco-op and PvP/PvE combat modes, more than any other mobilestrategygame!Conquer enemy soldiers and kingdoms while youestablish adefensive strategy for your own castle and village.Unleash yourtroops' epic potential in thrilling clan war campaigns.Gather andupgrade powerful Heroes to become the ultimate ruler inthisamazing fantasy realm. The might of your empire shall knownobounds!The fight for supreme rule requires both great offenseanddefense. Raise your army, ready your swords and shields,andprepare a magic spell or two. Are you ready to face epicchallengesand battle hordes of enemies? Are you ready toClash?Note: Thismultiplayer strategy game requires an internetconnection.Visit uson Facebook!
Kingdom Rush 3.1
The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now availableonAndroid for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journeytodefend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evilwizardsand other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers andspells atyour command!Fight on forests, mountains andwastelands,customizing your defensive strategy with different towerupgradesand specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies,summonreinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriorsandface legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom fromtheforces of darkness!GAME FEATURES:★ Epic defense battles thatwillhook you for hours!★ Command your soldiers and see them engageinhand to hand cartoon battles!★ 8 specialized tower upgradestocustomize your strategy! Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Wizards,ForestRangers to name a few.★ Over 18 tower abilities! HaveyourSorcerers summon earth elementals and polymorph your enemies!★Over50 different enemies, from Goblins to Demons each with theirownskills! (Beware of the mountain Trolls!)★ 9 Heroes: Chooseyourchampion to lead your troops to victory!★ Intense boss fightsneverseen on a defense game!★ Hours of gameplay with over60achievements ★ Extra game modes that will challenge yourtacticalskills to the limit.★ High definition awesome illustratedcartoonart!★ In-game encyclopedia with information from your towersandenemies.★ Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!HEARD ONTHEMEDIA:89/100 Metacritic score!"Probably the best true towerdefensegame. It's funny, it's polished, and it's hard as balls. "-IGN(Editor's choice 9/10 "Amazing")"One of the most engaging TDgameswe've played..." (STP Score of 4 out of 4"MustHave")"Kingdom Rush can be filed in the thin folder marked"gamesthat are pretty much perfect" "This is onekingdomyou'll be in no rush to escape from" -PocketGamer (GoldAward -Score 9) "Kingdom Rush proves that the defense genre isstillalive."-148Apps (4.5 Stars out of 5) Editor's Choice"TD withaTouch of Excellence" (4.5 stars out of 5)#8atCNET's Top 30 Tablet games.#7 at IGN's Top 25 Mobile games.
Jungle Heat: War of Clans 2.1.1 B.V.
Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you can playonany device or social network.The tropics full of oil and goldarelanguishing under the onslaught of General Blood. Your task istofree the native riches, to rip them out of the hands ofthebloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself! Thetreasuresof the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages. Soonward -fortify the walls, hire troops, and onward to battle!Brutalbattles, military bases, wild jungles, and all this displayedwithbeautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings, whichwilldelight even the most ardent fans of battle games. Downloadtodayand join the battle for the treasures of the jungle. If youwant tocontinue the game on another device or social network, go tothesettings section of the game, select "OTHER DEVICE", and followtheinstructions. Continue to play on other platforms withoutlosingany progress. In Jungle Heat, you can develop your militarybaseinto an unassailable fortress, battle with other players,razetheir bases to ashes, unite into invincible clans, andparticipatein regular tournaments. Play on any Android smartphoneor tablet.★★★ Game features: ★★★✔ Simplicity and fun: battles areas simpleas one, two, three, and what is more, each battle isunique! ✔Freedom of maneuver: plan out your base, upgrade buildingsandtroops, set up an ideal defense, and think up an effectiveattack!✔ Battles with other players: attack blindly, or takerevenge onyour oppressors! ✔ Assemble an army of unique heroes,whosedifferent capabilities can change the course of battle! Eachbattlethey fight is saturated with an atmosphere of old schoolwarmovies. ✔ Regular tournaments: Participate in individual andclantournaments, show the entire world that you and your clan arethebest! ✔ Cross-platform capability: Play on social networks oronany mobile device; ✔ Bright, colorful graphics: an explosionofcolor in the jungle!✔ Dynamic music: an atmosphere ofendlesstropical fun!If you like Jungle Heat, don't forget to giveit fivestars.Do you have questions or need help? Check the FAQ orwrite tous, we will help you:★★★Joinour communities: ★★★✔Facebook:✔Twitter:✔G+:!Areliable internet connection is required for JungleHeat.Attention!The game requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission inorder to save yourgame's progress. In the event that the game isdeleted or lost inany way, you will always be able to restart thegame and restoreyour saved progress.We use a device identifieronly to save theprogress of the game, and not for anythingelse.PRIVACY POLICY: OFUSE:
Hearthstone 12.0.26080
From the studio that brought you Overwatch® and World ofWarcraft®,comes HEARTHSTONE®, Blizzard Entertainment’saward-winningcollectable card game! Collect powerful cards andcreate mightydecks. Summon minions and sling spells to seizecontrol of anever-shifting battlefield. Wield masterful strategiesand defeatall players who dare challenge you. Experience the magic,mischiefand mayhem with your friends. Clash with friends and jointhemillions of players enjoying Hearthstone, and DOWNLOAD TODAY!ANEVER EXPANDING UNIVERSE. Build your deck to harness the powerofamazing minions and spells - brave the mysterious forests ofTheWitchwood and hunt the evils that lurk in the shadows, or becomeapowerful Death Knight from the Knights of the FrozenThrone.Discover dinosaurs and elementals from Journey to Un’Goro.Exploredark caverns and unearth hidden powerful weapons andtreasures fromKobolds and Catacombs. DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES, FIGHT FORGLORY. Masteryour deck, and assemble powerful combos, in thisfast-paced cardgame of cunning strategy. Seize control over thebattlefields ofAzeroth and experience dazzling real-time, playervs. playercombat. STEP INTO THE ARENA AND DUEL PLAYERS TO EARNAWESOMEPRIZES. DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE. INSANELY FUN. FEATURES:• Battleiconicheroes from the Warcraft universe, the Lich King, Illidan,Thrall…They’re all here!• Competitive real-time (player vs.player)combat• Win, craft, or collect powerful cards• Assemblepowerfuldecks and dominate your opponents• Rich single-playermissions YOURGAME TRAVELS WITH YOU. Hearthstone is linked to yourBlizzardAccount, allowing you to play from your mobile device anddesktopwith ease. Play Hearthstone, wherever you go. Whether it’syourfirst card game or you’re an experienced pro, the depth andcharmof Hearthstone will draw you in. So, what are you waiting for?InHearthstone, it’s a battle of wits, and building decks tocreatepowerful strategies. Download and play today. SUPPORT: Areyouexperiencing problems?Visit: * English * Français * Deutsch * Español*简体中文(Simplified Chinese) © 2018 Blizzard Entertainment,Inc.Hearthstone,, Overwatch, World of Warcraft andBlizzardEntertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks ofBlizzardEntertainment, Inc., in the U.S., and/or other countries.
Fly and survive through the 🏆 Game oftheYear -winning action adventure BADLAND.More than 50 MILLION players and counting!★ 5/5 - AppSmile★ 4/4 - Slide to Play★ 5/5 - AppSpy★ 9.2/10 -★ 9/10 - Destructoid★ 4.5/5 - TouchArcade"BADLAND is one of the most beautiful games on Android and oneofthe must download games of 2013." -- AndroidAuthority“BADLAND is a standout game that we can’t stop playing.”--AppSmile“BADLAND’s unique gameplay and atmosphere make it amust-download.”-- Slide to Play“BADLAND doesn’t simply look pretty, it’s an absolute treat toplay”-- AppSpy“A hallmark of excellence.” -- Destructoid🏆 Outstanding Mobile Game -- Satellite Awards 2014🏆 Grand Prix -- the International Mobile GamingAwards2014🏆 Nordic Indie Sensation Award -- Nordic Game 2013🏆 Apple Design Award 2013🏆 Apple iPad Game of the Year 2013OVERVIEWBADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric side-scrollingactionadventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full ofvariousinhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest appearsto beright out of a beautiful fairy tale, there’s somethingterriblywrong. The player controls one of the forest dwellers tofind outwhat’s going on, and discovers an astonishing number ofimaginativetraps and obstacles on the way.BADLAND takes side-scrollers to the next level with itsinnovativephysics-based gameplay combined with stunning,atmospheric graphicsand audio.BADLAND also features a highly original local multiplayer modeforup to four players on the same device, where the name of thegameis survival of the fittest with no rules. It’s totally OK topushyour rivals in front of spinning circular saws to survive. Or,ifthat's too rough for you, you can also cooperate with yourfriendsand play the modified single player campaign with up tofourplayers.FEATURES• SINGLE PLAYER campaign with 100 truly unique levels andmorecoming in updates• MULTIPLAYER mode for up to four players on the same device in23levels and more content in future updates• COOPERATIVE mode for up to four players - Survive themodifiedsingle player campaign with your friends• LEVEL EDITOR: Create levels, share & play!• LEVEL WORLD: New levels to play all the time• Intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovativeleveldesign• Full support for game controllers 🎮• Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience• Designed for Android phones, tablets and Android TV• Supports Cloud Save and Immersive mode• More levels and content coming in updatesNow featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great with fullcontrollersupport 🎮 on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet,and AndroidTV.Follow usFacebook - - / www - http://www.badlandgame.comBADLAND Forum -
March of Empires: War of Lords 3.4.0n
Brace yourself for an age of massive medieval war, where youwillmarch over your rivals’ burning remains in an all-out questtoconquer!Fortify your castle, forge an army and enter theultimateMMO of global domination! But as your civilization grows,you’llclash with ambitious powers, and only one king can claimthethrone! Do you have the strength to unify the land underyourbanner? Or will you watch your kingdom crumble before you?AKINGDOMIN YOUR HANDS:• Dispatch armies, construct buildings, clashwithbarbarians, conquer territories and reshape the balance ofpowerevery day. • Every inch of your realm comes to life withamazinglydetailed graphicsCHOOSE YOUR FACTION:• Choose to be aHighlandKing, a Northern Tsar or a Desert Sultan.• Each army has aspecialadvantage that emphasizes a unique playstyle, whether youprefer toquickly build up your kingdom, strike with chargingknights orfiercely defend your civilization frominvasion.TERRITORIALDOMINATION:• Clash and conquer to grow yourglobal influencedaily.• Unlock special powers and bonuses as morelands fall toyour army.• Fortify your defenses to ward off enemyinvasions.•Fight your way to the throne to become High King overthe entirerealm!FORGE A CHAMPION:• Choose a unique Champion –ranging fromthose as noble as knights or as merciless as Vikings –to lead yourarmy and help build your kingdom.• Find and craftequipment toboost your Champion’s skills.• Command heroes andadventurers toset off on quests for treasures that will pave yourpath to thethrone.BUILD A THRIVING NATION:• Build regionalstructures that youand your many allies can benefit from.•Establish thriving TradeCenters, forge sacred Temples, and clashover Stockpiles oftreasure.TACTICAL MMO WARFARE:• A wise kingchooses battleformations carefully! Cunning tactics hold more powerthan massivenumbers.• Time your commands wisely to take advantageof theever-changing seasons.COMMAND A GLOBAL ALLIANCE:• TheAlliancemanagement system makes it easy to organize with allies.•Intriguewill pave your path to the throne as you craft schemes withotherAlliances. In this MMO world, there’s as much to gain fromhelpingas there is from betraying…• Chat with players to forgefriendshipsor verbally clash with rivals.CLAIM THE SEATS OF POWER:•Capturethe five highly fortified castles that hold the Seat ofDomain,Seat of Heroes, Seat of War, Seat of Order and Seat ofAccord.•Each Seat grants its controlling Alliance unique perks andtheability to propose world-changing Policies.• Every player cantakepart, as all Policies are voted on by the entire Realm’splayerpopulation!• Enter a new level of diplomacy and intrigue asyourAlliance must negotiate with rivals, and players at large, inorderto win the votes needed to pass the Policies you want.• Atthecenter of it all lies the Throne of Might, which only oneplayermay rule to wield the greatest power of all!Five castles holdthecrucial thrones, each possessing a unique influence over theentirerealm that only one Alliance can hold.For fans of MMOstrategy,Clan vs. Clan combat, epic quests, being king, and gamesof globaldomination. Download it now and forge your path tothethrone!_____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at out the newblogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia: Use:
Megapolis 4.50
Ever wanted to build your own city? Welcome to Megapolis,aneconomic city building strategy game based on the law ofmarkets.Megapolis stands out from other city building games andtycoonsimulators with its thoughtful approach to gameplay and hugerangeof features. Build houses and skyscrapers, expand yourterritory,collect resources and take part in different competitionswiththousands of other players all over the world - the fate ofyourcity is in your hands, Mayor. Prove that you are the perfectcityplanner!Play the best city sim absolutely free!All you need isasmartphone or tablet and an internet connection. In thisstrategygame you’ll find everything you need to create your perfectcity: -well-developed economic modeling, allowing you toeffectivelymanage your city; - awesomely realistic 3D graphicswithmagnificent natural landscapes; - regular excitingupdates,innovations of architecture and world famous buildings -fromantiques to modern classics; - opportunities to invite friendsandvisit neighboring cities;free daily gifts; - the ability tobuildand expand your city; - a chance to join the globalleaderboard ofthe best players; - and even more!Megapolis isconstantly growing.Your gameplay experience is our priority, soupdates are releasedregularly. Great promotions are waiting for youin the game storeso you can adorn the streets of your city withunique buildings anddecorations.Create homes for your citizens,build factories andrestaurants, open parks and gardens, explore newislands andregions, and turn your Megapolis into the best city onthe planet!Have fun building a city from the ground up!In order tomake yourcity grow, you’ll have to learn the ropes of the Mayor'swork. Youneed to attract new citizens, build new roads,developinfrastructure - and don’t forget about the city treasury!Build anempire with airports, railway stations, seaports, miningrings, andwind, solar and atomic power plants. You can even launcha rocketto the Moon! The sky’s the limit!You can even merge townsandcities into states! Together with other Mayors and Tycoons, youcancreate the Capital of the State. Teamwork will open the doortoeven more new horizons!Megapolis is the best city simulatoraround!Join us and create the super city of your dreams! End-userLicenseAgreement:
Age of War 4.8
The massively popular web game "Age of War" has been remasteredforthe best mobile experience.Take control of 16 different unitsand15 different turrets to defend your base and destroy yourenemy.Inthis game, you start at the caveman age, then evolve! Thereare atotal of 5 ages, each with its own unique units and turrets.Canyou advance faster than your enemy?
Grow Empire: Rome 1.3.50
Games Station
Grow Empire: Rome is a captivating game, mixing tower defense(TD)and strategy mechanisms with role playing (RPG) elements.YouareCaesar, mighty leader of the Roman republic, your objective istodefeat other civilizations in ancient Europe with an armymade-upof roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes and barbarianmercenaries.Be ready for War!Turn a small republic in the heart ofthe Italianpeninsula into the greatest civilization the world hasever seen.Lead a bunch of weak peasants into the fierceness ofbattle to turnthem into invincible warriors.Upgrade your strongholdto defendfrom the most fearful barbarian's clans and armies fromItaly,Gallium, Carthage and Iberian peninsula. Conquer them toexpandyour dominions and see your nation wealth grows.The gloryisawaiting for you Caesar!Veni Vidi Vici!Features:• TowerDefense(TD), Strategy and Role Playing (RPG) elements.• +1500 wavestosurvive.• +120 cities to conquer in ancient Europe.• Newcitydefense mode.• +1000 buildings upgrades.• +35 differentRomantroops to research and unlock.• 4 European enemy factions,eachwith +12 different troops.• Siege weapons and war elephants!•4heroes with special skills.• +18 Skills to unlock.• +6Cardsbooster with 3 levels.
Candy Crush Saga
Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – loved by millions ofplayersaround the world.With over a trillion levels played, thissweetmatch 3 puzzle game is one of the most popular mobile games ofalltime!Switch and match Candies in this divine puzzle adventuretoprogress to the next level in hope of achieving that sweetfeeling!Quick thinking and smart moves are rewarded withdeliciousrainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!Plan yourmoves bymatching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wiselyin orderto overcome those extra sticky levels! Smash the chocolateandcollect ingredients across thousands of levels guaranteed tohaveyou craving more!Take on this deliciously sweet match 3 Sagaaloneor play with friends! Candy Crush Saga is completely free toplaybut some optional in-game items will require payment.Bydownloadingthis game you are agreeing to our terms ofservice; CrushSagafeatures:● Tasty ways to play: Target Score, Clear theJelly,Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode to name a few!● Checkbackdaily to receive free tasty rewards, take part in timelimitedchallenges to earn boosters to help you level up! ● Collectsugardrops to progress along the Sugar Track for super sweetsurprises!●Spin the Daily Booster Wheel for a delicious prize ●Unwrapdelicious environments and meet the sweetest characters●TastyCandies, wrapped and striped Special Candies, Color Bombsandvarious other magical boosters to help with thosechallengingsticky levels● Thousands of the best levels and puzzlesin theCandy Kingdom and with more added every 2 weeks your sugarfix isnever far away! ● Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors!● It's easy to sync the game between devices andunlockfull game features when connected to theInternetVisit if you need help!Follow us toget newsandupdates;[email protected]:// Candy Crush Saga the sweetest match 3 game around!
Join millions of players in the battle for Earth! Side withtheAutobots or Decepticons and assemble the ultimate teamofTransformers using Combiners, Triple Changers and BeastWarscharacters.COLLECT OVER 100 CHARACTERSConstruct the SpaceBridge tosummon classic heroes Optimus Prime, Grimlock andBumblebee throughto infamous villains Megatron, Starscream andSoundwave. Forgecolossal Combiners including Devastator, Superion,Predaking,Bruticus and Volcanicus, the new Dinobot Combiner. ‘TILALL AREONE!Form alliances with fellow Autobots or Decepticons fromaroundthe world. Demonstrate your power by competing inmultiplayerevents and planning with fellow allies. UNLEASH YOURABILITIESEachTransformers character is equipped with a uniqueability. Changeform to deploy stronger attacks and turn the tide ofbattle!DEFENDYOUR HEADQUARTERSProtect your Energon by building animpenetrablefortress with technologyfromCybertron!______________________________Transformers: EarthWars isFree to download and play, however you can also makein-apppurchases to supplement your game play. Under our Terms ofService(link below), you must be at least 13 years of age to playordownload Transformers: Earth Wars.In order to run the game foryouwe need to collect and use data from you. To find out more seeourPrivacy Policy (link below).Terms ofService: is brought to you by Backflip Studios, Space Ape Games,andHasbro, Inc. Search the Play Store for "Backflip Studios" tosee allof the other Backflip games.TRANSFORMERS and all relatedcharactersare trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2015Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.Thanks for playing!
Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game
OVER 850 MILLION PLAYERS GLOBALLY!Race with the Minions in the award-winning, fan-favoriterunner,Minion Rush!Run as fast as you can while jumping, dodging, rolling andknockingMinions off the track in despicably action-packedlevels.Rush to collect Bananas and play exciting Special Missionstoincrease your score as you enjoy unexpected Minion moments.ALL THE FUN OF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES IN THE OFFICIAL GAME!• Race as DAVE, CARL OR JERRY -- and straight out of theDespicableMe 3 movie, MEL!• Wear incredibly UNIQUE COSTUMES, such as Lucy, the Surfer ortheNinja Minion.• Speed through ICONIC LOCATIONS inspired by the DespicableMemovies, like Bratt's Lair, the Anti-Villain League andancientEgyptian temples in The Pyramids.• Power up your Minions by riding the FLUFFY UNICORN orGRU'SROCKET.• Play SPECIAL MISSIONS to discover new content and new Costumesineach update!______________________________________________You can download and play this game for free. Please beinformedthat it also allows you to play using virtual currency,which canbe acquired as you progress through the game, watchingcertainadvertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases ofvirtualcurrency using real money are performed using a credit card,orother form of payment associated with your account, andareactivated when you input your Google Play account password,withoutthe need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever.Disabling password protection may result in unauthorizedpurchases.We strongly encourage you to keep password protectionturned on ifyou have children or if others could have access toyourdevice.This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or somethirdparties which will redirect you to a third-party site. Youcandisable your device’s ad identifier being used forinterest-basedadvertising in the settings menu of your device.This option can befound in the Settings app > Accounts(Personal) > Google >Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt outof interest-based ads.Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connecttothe Internet.______________________________________________Find out more about the game on the official site--http://www.minionrush.comFollow us on Facebook at andonInstagram out our videos and game trailerson our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: Policy: of Use: License Agreement:
Alto's Adventure 1.7.1
Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endlesssnowboardingodyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills oftheir nativewilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancientwoodlands, andlong-abandoned ruins.Along the way you'll rescuerunaway llamas,grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms andoutwit the mountainelders – all while braving the ever changingelements and passageof time upon the mountain.Features:• Fluid,graceful andexhilarating physics-based gameplay• Procedurallygenerated terrainbased on real-world snowboarding• Fully dynamiclighting andweather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards,fog, rainbows,shooting stars, and more• Easy to learn, difficult tomaster onebutton trick system• Chain together combos to maximizepoints andspeed• Test your skills with 180 handcrafted goals•Discover sixunique snowboarders, each with their own specialattributes andabilities• Challenge your friends. Compete for besthigh score,best distance, and best trick combo!• Acquire thewingsuit fromIzel’s workshop for an entirely new gameplay dynamic•Beautifullyminimalist and evocative visual design• Original musicandhandcrafted audio for an ambient and immersiveexperience(headphones recommended!)Reviews:"A piece of interactiveart"–WIRED"One of the best mobile games"– The Verge"Alto'sAdventuredemands your attention"– IGN"Best Looking Video Games of2015"–TIME
Throne Rush 5.8.0
Epic war game with more than 20 million downloadsMore than 7000005-star reviewsDownload Throne Rush to reveal an amazingfantasyworld and create your own kingdom!Features:● Build,fortify,protect! A huge variety of buildings and resources;●Uniquemercenary — you can upgrade them until they’re invincible!●Specialheroes with special talents: archer, swordsman mage andmore;●Exciting quests every day — you won’t get bored!● Clash yourswordswith the enemies;● Epic campaigns — kill all the monsters!●Manyclans and strategy alliances;● Unique card collections - getyourflash royale● Themed events, heroes and artefacts;● Pricelesshelpfrom your friends — fight together in royal spirits!BraveWarlord,the Empire willbeyours!Support:
War and Order 1.1.11
Camel Games
Celebrate Summer Festival with our limited-time summerupdatesBuildyour own world in this strategy war game! War and Orderis theperfect fusion of real time strategy, tower defense, andcastlebuilding games and has received several GlobalGoogleRecommendations. Orcs, elves, and mages are yours to commandin agorgeous 3D medieval game world. Raise a massive fantasy armyforHUGE fully animated battles. Clash with enemies from all overtheworld in real-time! Choose your alliance and take castles,slaymonsters, and stake new territory as a tribe! This is WAR,andthere’s never a dull moment as your screen lights up withconstantnew battles, chats, and upgrades!You must battle to becomemorepowerful than any king in history in this dangerous war game.It’sup to you, your strategy, and your allies to conquer anendlessworld of empires and imagination.★HOMELAND• Recruit andtrain over50 fantasy soldiers, uniting Orcs, Elves, Humans, Mages,Beasts,and Angels.• Your ultimate building game: Construct andupgradetons of buildings for new soldiers, buffs, and resources!•Researchnew magic and technology FAST for cutting-edge tacticsandweapons!★ALLIANCE• Friend, feud, and chat with players fromaroundthe world in real time. • Fight and build together toconquerenemies and build castles you could never hold alone.• Shareandexpand territory for exclusive bonuses! • But remember! This isawar strategy game. Tust no one!★CONFRONTATION• Sweepthebattlefield in huge real-time PvP matches!• Build your forcetoleviathan proportions!• Engulf other lords’ castles as youexpandyour territory.★CONQUEST• Command and conquer otherplayers’castles to plunder their resources and climb powerrankings!•Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, fromman-eatingOgres to massive Dragons.• Play castle defense games andprotectyourself and your allies from would-be conquerors.★EMPIRE•Not justa one castle game: Take over the Royal City to rule overthe realmwith unheard of power and privileges! • Explore unknownlands tofind elite resources, ancient ruins, and more surprises!•Grow youralliance territory for richer rewards and resources!FollowWar andOrder on Facebook:
Game of War - Fire Age
Don’t miss your chance to become legendary!Lead massive armiesintoepic battles against dragons, monsters, and players from aroundtheglobe in the most addicting, interactive strategy game! Areyouready for an action-packed adventure?FEATURES✔ Build&customize your very own Empire✔ Choose your role! Are youabuilder? A soldier? A leader? You decide.✔ Train, level-up,anddeck out your Heroes✔ Craft legendary weapons to rise abovethecompetition✔ Train vast armies to lead into action packedbattleson the stunning World Map✔ Play & chat with millions ofonlineplayers worldwide in 32 different languages – all inreal-time✔Forge alliances with players to conquer enemies &become themost powerful Alliance in the Kingdom!✔ Conquer theWonder tobecome the almighty Emperor!✔ Use your power to givespecial titlesto your friends & enemies in the Kingdom! PrivacyPolicy:
Army Men Strike 2.63.0
-Description-Time can change many things, but not everything. Takeatime travel to your dearest childhood, continue yourunfinishedadventure and join this toy game! Lead your green armysoldiers,remote-control planes, rubber ducks, transformers and manyothertoys to defend your bedroom, hallway, living room andbackyardagainst the invasion of the Evil Legion! To experience agreat wargame!-Features-Lilliputian Toy War:• Build Headquarters inyourbedroom, use the moneybox as your treasury, transportresourceswith your little train, and collect metal with magnets.Everyhouseware has its unique function in this toy world!• Fighttheenemies in the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom!Theadventurous and playful battlefields will make war interestingandfun!Grow Your Army:• Design and assemble ultimate strategicbomberto strike out your enemies!• Recruit the elite toys as heroestolead your army, let the toy war commence!• Upgrade and promoteyourgreen army soldiers, flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, artilleryunitsand many more troops of various types to teach your enemyalesson!Expand and Exterminate:• Compete with real players formoreterritory, greater power and higher prestige.• Buildfortificationsto keep invaders at bay.Strategize to Win:• It takespatience andstrategic moves. Build and deploy your troops withheroes wisely.With a good strategy, you can defeat enemy troopsmuch bigger thanyours in size!• Outwit your enemy with intelligenceand timingrather than brutal force.Play with Global Players:• Getto knowfriends with the same interest and ambition as yours inthealliance.• Compete or cooperate with other alliances. DiplomacyorWar, it’s up to you!• Chat with players from all over theworldwithout barrier anytime and anywhere.-We Are WaitingForYou!-Childhood is unforgettable, and the toy soldier gameisirreplaceable. Join us in the toy world and it will be abetterplace with your participation!PLEASE NOTE: Army Men Strike isfreeto download and play, Some Game items that can also bepurchasedfor real money. In-app purchases can be disabled throughyourdevice’s settings. TermsofService:
Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 2.4.12
There is only one empire left in the world, which is consideredasmankind’s only hope. Here, brave heroes have joined hundredsofwars, all they want is protecting the king and people behindthem,also they are writing their own legend with blood and glory.Now,it’s your time to join the battle, form a team of super heroestosave the empire and even the whole world! “Clash of Zombies” isapopular strategy online battle game, there are thousands ofmutantzombies that will destroy your defense, and crowds of enemieswhowill attack your castle by all means! Now they have becomemuchstronger and crazier than before, the war begins, come and joinusto protect your empire, save the world!Features:√ Eventforthose legend empire commanders, the battle against the crazymutantBOSS could be a nightmare; √ Recruit legend heroes withsuperpower, they can establish immortal exploits foryou;√ Becomeclan mates with like-minded friends, challengemultiplayer stagesand protect empire castletogether;√ Real-time control,command the war at yourfingertip, measure yourself with otherkings in thearena;√ Continuous battle and challenge, proveyourself inweekly matches; √ Complex quest and map system,ensure you havebrand new experience all the time. There are over50 million HeroesLords. What are you waiting for? Join the battle:Build your empireand to be the Lastday King today!If you alreadylove our game… Dropus a nice review:)Come and join “Clash ofZombies” now, battleagainst crazy zombies, protect your castle orempire with heroes andplayers all over the world, write your ownlegend! Attention! “Clashof Zombies” is a FREE game, and some gameitem could also be boughtwith real currency. If you don’t want touse this function, youcould disable “in-app purchase” in settingmenu of yourdevice.-----Player support service:Met some problem ingame? You cancheck ourFacebook: tocontactus and ask for help.also you could contact us withfollowingmethods: Official Youtube: QQGroup: 376595908OfficialWeibo:[email protected] out other cool games by thecreators ofClash of Zombies: Heroes Legend and Clash of Empires!
Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.181
War is coming – Will you be ready? Summon heroes to defendyourkingdom and charge the enemy in this one-of-a-kindRTSadventure!Magic Rush: Heroes is a revolutionary combinationofskill-aiming controls, a thrilling, real-time PvP LadderTourneymode, exciting multiplayer World Map battles, simple yetaddictingTower Defense, and more! Experience the fun of multipledifferentgenres all wrapped up in one extraordinary game.Rush forthon anunforgettable adventure that you won’tforget!FeaturesSummonPowerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming- Manuallychoose targets ordirections when casting skills. You call theshots!- Summon attacksto stun, silence, knock airborne, heal andeven interrupt enemyskills using precise controls- Strategy andspeed combine. Masterthem both, and victory is truly in yourhands!Hero Training PowersYou Up to Defend the Kingdom- Role playas diverse hero types,including dozens of unlockable heroes withhundreds of distinctiveskills.- Heroes can be combined in differentways and take theopposition by storm.- Upgrade your defender withequipmentenhancing, rune inlaying, and unique upgrades andabilities forevery kind of weapon.- RPGs and RTS combine to bringyou theultimate Equipment System.PvP Games in the Ladder Tourney-Chargeto war in a global, cross-server PvP Arena with aturn-basedban/pick phase to level the playing field.- Defend yourvictory bystrategically banning your opponent’s heroes depending onyour ownbattle plan.- PvP combat offers awesome rewards foreveryseason!War Strategy and RTS Gameplay- RTS combat challengesyou tobuild your tower, upgrade your tech, and dispatch your armiestoplunder resources from enemies.- Defend the kingdomtogether!Create alliances with millions of players from around theworld tothrive in this war-torn landscape.- RTS battles let youconquerenemies to become the dominant alliance!Hero Tower DefenseCombinesYour Favorite Strategy Genres- An all-new “Hero TowerDefense”concept cleverly combines the heroes of the game withdozens ofexquisitely designed Tower Defense stages.- Drop toweremplacementsand activate Hero abilities in real time duringexciting battlesthat you won’t want to put down!- Defend your basedonone-of-a-kind map creations.Constant Updates Offer- Newheroes-In-game events- Weekly updates based on your feedbackandsuggestions!- Hard-working developers are constantly updatingandimproving the gaming experience with new gameplay!Are youthedefender this kingdom needs? Download Magic Rush: Heroes andjointhe RTS war today!PLEASE NOTE! Magic Rush is free to downloadandplay, however some game items can also be purchased for realmoney.If you do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,you mustbe at least 13 years of age to play or download MagicRush.Have anyquestions or issues with the free tower defense RPGadventure gamefrom Elex Tech? Reach us at:[email protected]:
Fort Conquer 1.2.3
Waves of monsters have evolved and are rushing towardsyourterritory. Build up your loyal troop and train them for thebattle!You must defend your own tower and conquer theopponent'sfort!Highlighted features include but are not limitedto:#Evolvement of the same species. Mightier power and incrediblenewcreatures are available.# Abundant species forevolvement.Challenge your imagination to create new species.#Multiple rowtower defense. Take smart strategy to win the battle.#High qualitygorgeous graphics and amazing sound effect.# ChallengeBOSSstages!Ready? Who will be the conqueror in the end?
Art of War 3: PvP RTS modern warfare strategy game 1.0.63
Gear Games
А unique classic real-time strategy game with direct controlfortrue commanders who are not afraid to face the enemy inreal-timePvP battles! For those who want to feel the thrill ofvictory overa live opponent! For those who can think like astrategist and actdecisively in any battlefield situation! It’s noplace for thetimid!Are you ready for the challenge, Commander?Artof War 3:Global Conflict (AOW) - is a real-time strategy onlinegame in thebest tradition of old classic PC RTS games. Command,conquer anddefeat your enemy on the battlefield! In this modernwarfare game,you have to fight with other players in PvP battles,invent newcombat tactics, develop your victorious strategies, andupgradeinfantry, assault vehicles, tanks, navy, and air force toachievesupremacy over the enemy in battle.The action takes place inthenear future. The world is engulfed by a global conflict betweentwowarring factions - the Confederation and the Resistance.Chooseyour side and fight shoulder to shoulder with othercommanders towin in this World War. Take the side of theConfederation andprotect the world from the red alert. Join therebels and crush theglobal domination system★ Epic real-time PvPand cooperativebattles.★ Thousands of players online from all overthe world! ★Classical RTS direct control system. You can controleach unitdirectly!★ Stunningly detailed 3D graphics will provideyou withfull immersion.★ A variety of units and tactical abilitiesallowyou to invent different victorious strategies.★ Twowarringfactions, each with their own features, unique combatunits,strengths, and weaknesses.★ А big number of unit andbuildingupgrades gives you ample opportunities to create your ownuniqueand victorious army.★ Continuous World War in which the clansfighteach other for global domination.★ А huge campaign foreachfaction, including dozens of hours of game time.Thisonline,real-time (RTS), modern war strategy game gives you theopportunityto feel like a battlefield general. Command, conquer,build yourbase, train infantry, produce assault tanks and armoredvehicles,warplanes, and warships to defeat the enemy. Take part inthe WorldWar. Use superweapons and unleash your power! Join a clanwith yourfriends and fight other clans to dominate the world. Bringyourenemies to total annihilation!We need you, General!Art of War3:Global Conflict is a multiplayer online game. It requiresaconstant, stable internetconnection.Facebook:
Ottoman Wars 3.2.5
Ottoman Wars is an exciting action and strategy game thattransportsyou back into the age of the magnificent OttomanEmpire.Feel thethrill of expanding one of the world’s mosthistoric empires as youbuild your base, strengthen your troops,and conquer yourenemies.Put your tactical mind to test againstopponents across theglobe in this real time global MMO.Joinplayers from around theworld in their quest to be the strongestarmy.Build & customizean elite military force for defensivestrength or offensivemight.Deploy historic units such asJanissaries, Azabs, Miners,Akinjis, Tatars, Cannoneers to crushyour enemiesEnjoy the actionwith stunning 3D graphics on yoursmartphone or tablet.Upgradebuildings & walls to defend yourbases.Supply your armies withcutting edge firepower as you upgradeyour arsenal.Invite yourfriends to create unbreakable alliancesand wage war on your enemiestogether!Your strategy will seal thefate of your empire:Form aformidable fortress to defend your cityfrom enemy attacksConstructan awe-inspiring city; command workersto gather resources and usearchitects to engineer greatnessBuildand train a powerful,effective army; ready for battleAttack andconquer new and bountifullands to strengthen your empireCreate aclan to forge mightyalliances, but beware of the enemies youcreateRemember: Courageleads to victory, indecision leads todanger and cowardice leads todeath!GENERAL INFORMATION & GAMEFEATURES -Ottoman Wars is areal-time, multi-player, onlinestrategy gameSupported on bothtablets and smartphonesLearn funfacts about Ottoman History as youproceed into the battle againstreal historical charactersBattlewith Janissaries, Azabs,Bashi-bazouks, Miners, Akinjis, Sipahis,Tatars, Cannoneers. Allare ready to fight for your empire.Immerseinto the Ottoman worldvia realistic, Ottoman-themed 3D war andvessel graphicsOttomanWars is free to play and supports in apppurchases.Facebook:;You can always contact us aboutyour problems and suggestions:[email protected]
Vikings: War of Clans
Plarium LLC
Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings,wherefreedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme! Become theleaderof a large army, lead your troops to victory and prove thatyou arethe mightiest conqueror among a million players.Try on the role of a wise and courageous Jarl, respected andfearedby all! Construct magnificent buildings, take part invictoriouscampaigns, train your valiant warriors and boost yourcoffers. Thesuperb graphics, compelling story and dynamic battleswill have youhooked from the moment you start playing!Features:✔ Stunning graphics✔ Free to play✔ Numerous troop classes✔ Multiple language options✔ Fierce and thrilling battles with players from all overtheworld✔ Handsome rewards for completing a variety of questsandtasks✔ Weapons and gear crafting✔ Become the leader or member of a mighty ClanNOTE: Vikings: War of Clans is completely free to play, buthasoptional in-app purchases for real currency. You can turn offthisoption or set a password in your device settings. You will needaninternet connection to play.Vikings: War of Clans is an exciting MMORTS with players alloverthe globe. We are constantly improving gameplay andintroducingexciting new updates for you. Feel free to share yourideas andsuggestions — together we’ll make the Viking world evenmoreenthralling!You are a Viking! You are the Hero!Support: of Use:
Empire Defense: Free Strategy Defender Games 3.1
It good for defender game.If you likeempiregames(pikeman/archery/knight), and you like defence games,and it'sreally simple to do that you have to continue to play, thenenjoyit.The Beautiful Life of the country you're being attacked byablack empire, standing up to fight for the defender.The empiresofmagic elements to defense your tower. Create the legend forthekingdom.You will join into the world of monsters, funny heroesanda lot of magic skill. The elements you choose determine theheroesthat you can build. Countless combinations offer morestrategies todiscover.Tap to create magic to kill monsters enemy,collect coins,recruit mercenaries, invest your goods in ability andupdate yourskill.With 4 elements : fire, poison, wind, ice, youmust combinethem and use as required for each type of enemy.- Firemagic :Special skill magic : Fire --> X2,3,4 damage.- Poison :Getpercent healthy enemy follow time.- Wind : Tsunami whirlwind-->Stun Enemy.- Ice : Slow and increase armor forallheroes.Features:★ Graphics with chibi cute is only in theHeroesand Enemy monster Defense.★ The characters is extremely richandeach skill has different skills for players to enjoyable.★Witheach game level, you must kill each style enemy, and yourstrategy,Defense or attack enemies★ Difficulty level increases overeachlevel, collect many energy and skills to upgrade.★ 6 differentmapsto mix up your tactics.★ 50 different enemy types to challengeyourdefensesFantasy clicker with endless gameplay! Tap and tap asfastas you can to create magic spell !This is your chance to becomethefastest clicker.A great battles, beautiful graphics withsimplegame play that you can see. But it is extremely exciting thatyoucan not stop playing.Age of Empires defense: King of magic -YourEmpire, Your Legend!Tell your friends about youraccomplishments:).Note: thể loại game phòng thủ, thủ thành, xây trụmua lính xâynhà nâng cấp kĩ năng võ lâm truyền kỳ.Game phong thu,xay tru, thuthanh, game chien thuat.
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars 2.12.1
Build your own battle bot and unleash its power in this stylishPvPgame. From the creators of the hit games Cut the Rope and KingofThieves, comes the most ingenious and stylish battlebotconstructor! Join more than 100 million players from all overtheworld and become the star of the Arena!Welcome to the streetsofMew York. Someone has to rule this place... Why notyourgang‎?Unite into powerful gangs, participate in gang battlesorcreate a super-strong Ultimate machine to dominate theUltimateLeague fights! Make every opponent bite the dust!Features:•Be amaster engineer: design, craft, upgrade, and improve theUltimatebattle bot!• Take the role of a mean street cat and fightagainstother players in fast and hilarious PvP action!• Discoverdozens ofcrazy weapons, gadgets and body shapes, includingUltimateMachines! Outsmart your opponents with your unique battlebotdesign!• Create a powerful gang and rule the streets!Participatein gang battles to win unique parts, make new friendsand shareyour secrets in your gang’s chat.- KINGS OF THE CITY‎:Fightagainst real gangs from around the globe to conquer the cityinthis NEW cooperative game mode.• Battle against real playersandfight your way to the top of the World Championship!• Bet onotherbots and share replays of your best fights!Get the game nowforfree and become the star of the Crash Arena!
Battle for the Galaxy 3.0.9
Pilots - start your engines! Marines - take yourblasters!Commanders - start the battle!BATTLE FOR THE GALAXYBattlefor theGalaxy is an exciting mixture of tower defense, strategyanddynamic battles. Create a powerful army and joincorporation.Attack enemies to earn glory and valuableresources.Download Battlefor the Galaxy now!Game features: ● Freeonline strategy game● PvPwith elements of tower defense●Outstanding art and visuals ● 20+buildings to construct and upgradeto turn just-survived base intoa mighty planetary fortress ●Recruit an army of Space marines,Rocket troopers, giant mechs,Battle cruisers, and a lot of otherunits ready to fight for you●Create Corporations with otherplayers and unite to prevail againstthe others● Participate inevery imaginable kind of wars and getgreat prizes: win theLeagues, Tournaments, duels and Raids!●Complete daily challengesto earn awesome rewards, login daily andcollect valuable bonuses.●Never get bored again because we’reworking our best to update thegame making it more exciting toplay!Required permissions:● Modifyor delete the contents of your SDcard● Read the contents of yourSD cardIn order for the game tofunction properly we needpermission to read and write to your SDcard. This is required tobe able to download and store additionalgame content like units,maps, buildings and so on.
Age of War 2 1.4.11
Battle your way through the ages in this insanelyaddictingaction/strategy game. One of the most popular flash gamesfrom theweb brought to life for the best possible mobileexperience!WARACROSS THE AGES!Train a massive army from cavemenriding dinosaursto World War tanks! All the way to hugelydevastating robotwarriors from the future age! There are so manydifferent units totrain across 7 completely unique ages of war.With 29 unit types atyour disposal such as the Assault Spartan,Anubis Warrior, Mages,Knights, Rifleman, Cannons, Grenade Soldiers,Cyborgs and so manymore! If you think the best offense is a strongdefense trystacking up rows of turrets that mow down the enemy! Yeswe stillhave the famous Chicken Turret which is a must build!FUNFORALL!Finally a strategy game that every gamer type will enjoywith 4difficulty modes and tons of achievements and challenges.Castdestructive global spells such as the fiery meteors,lightningstorm, or call world war bomber planes to clear the field.We’vepacked so much fun into one easy to play mobile game you willcomeback again and again trying new ways to conquer.GENERALSMODEPlayagainst 10 unique generals, each with their ownindividualstrategies and tactics!Try to best Brom 'The Basher' withhis giantclub, or Hades in his Underworld domain!
Chess Online 1.101.3181.0
Noodle Games
Time to protect your king with no cost! This is the world's#1multiplayer online chess game. Chess is a free board game for2players. Playing on a square board which made of 64 smallersquaresand eight squares on each side. Player starts with sixteenpieces:eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queenand oneking. The goal of the game is for each player to try andcheckmatethe king of the opponent. Checkmate is a threat ('check')to theopposing king. Touch the screen, move and drop thepieces,checkmate, Win!This chess game has powerful chess AI engine,superchess tutor, amusing challenge mode, increase your rankingandbecome a master of chess. Play online chess with realopponentsfrom all over the world. Develop your chess strategy andchessskill, face the challenge and be the chess master now! ChessOnlineGame Features:- Online 1-vs-1 matches: match chess fans fromallover the world- Play with friends: log-in Facebook, playagainstwith your friends!- Offline practice with AI: perfect chessengine,play chess against computer, ) easier for the beginners,become achess pro in this top free chess app!- Chess tutor, learnchess andstrategy, improve your chess skill also help you avoidsimplemistakes- Daily rapid chess challenge & dailyendgamechallenge: The free chess board game app provides differentuniqueplay modes, allows you to choose different chess programs,developyour skills from 0 to chess master. Are ready for yourdailyendgame challenge?- Intelligent hints analyze every move-Various3D themes and chess board for free, enjoy different chessboardgame experience-Free chess app for kids and adults- Design forbothtablet and mobile Your like strategy game and learn chess?Downloadthe top free chess game app now. Enjoy your chess time.ChessOnline is the best chess board game on Android. Come and joininthe chess battles!
Mafia City 1.3.216
★ ★Genuine underworld strategy mobile game, play with millions of players worldwide★ ★☆Worldwide connection, no color, language or nationality differences and together compete to become the Godfather. ☆Clan, plunder, occupy and upheavals between gangs, intrigues, and compete for the honored seat of King of Mafias.☆Super hardcore and ultra hectic mafia life. Struggle for power and fulfill your ‘Alpha’ dream, you’ll not be able to “stop" playing!☆Live interactive turf war, daily battle whole year round. ★ ★Game features★ ★ ☆☆3D HD Unity game engine, ultimate gaming screen Zooming feature, 360-degrees multi-angle with well-graphic picture, providing a near real virtual reality.☆☆Live strategy RallyingCome! Along with brothers, we'l corner our enemy and battle if words don’t work. Establish your Clan's forces and wake those potential talents. If you don’t crush them here, tomorrow they'll crush you.☆☆One and only worldwide server, along with professional translation system capable of translating all language to one✔Background and communication, matters not. Here, there are only brothers and loyalty. ✔Rule with brothers everywhere; Situate in the Coast, set aim for the vast East and into the world, unify the gang.☆☆Four major features and over dozens of gangster waiting to be recruited ☆☆✔ Brawlers, not even the word‘human weapon'can describe their ferociousness. To them, conflicts are just general lifestyle. ✔ Shooters are capable of wielding all kinds of arms, from submachine guns, rifles to artillery and many more. ✔ Bikers, with tons of heavy locomotives which move like lightning, robbing and setting things alight. Definitely a nightmare for all gangsters! ✔ Modified Vehicle can be done from a minivan to a military Hummer. There's nothing we can't change, only what you can't imagine.MafiaCityStudio Official Customer Serviceemail:[email protected] Facebook Fanspage: Customer Service -Secretary(Secretary always at your side)
Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royale 15.2.0
Pixel Gun 3D
Try Pixel Gun 3D in MULTIPLAYER MODE with Cooperative,Deathmatch& Deadly Games! Also it is a cool modern block worldshooterwith singleplayer campaign and survival arena. This is apocketedition for mobile devices. Now you have a perfect chance tobattlewith your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone elsearoundthe world! You can create and customize your character usingaspecial skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! It isanawesome pocket FPS shooter for all kinds of players!***MULTIPLAYER MODES*** Deathmatch mode benefits: • WORLDWIDEandlocal. • unique maps of various shapes and sizes. •Variedweaponry, ranging from Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle, GoldenDesertEagle and Lightsaber to the simplest things, in case you wanttobutcher someone with a knife. • Up to 8 players in one game. •Nowchat is available! Talk with friends right in the battle!•Challenging and exciting experience that can really get youhooked!*** BATTLE ROYALE MODE ***Show your skills and be thelastsurvivor! Battle Royale mode presents you withlarge-scalebattlegrounds full of rich loot and never-ending action.Feel freeto fire everyone in sight in this madness with dozensofplayers!*** COOPERATIVE MODE *** Cooperative mode features: • Upto4 Players in one game. • Chat is available as well! • 8specialmaps. • Hardcore gameplay. • Coins as a prize for topresults. ***SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN *** In this story mode your characteris “face toface” with hordes of zombies attacking you from allsides. A lot ofenemies from cops & robbers to nurses and swatmembers! Youhave to wipe them out otherwise you are doomed! Youronly task isnot an easy one - to whack all the monsters. Don't letthe seeds offear grown in your head. If you survive all the attacksof thedead, you'll face an EVIL ZOMBIE BOSS in this mod. Havingmademincemeat of him, you open the portal to the nextbattlefields!Start your combat. New cool features in a campaignmode: • A newtraining camp for first-timers. • More detailedgraphics.• New coolmaps like a Forest full of seeds. • Cool newsongs• Morechallenging gameplay: now you are not able to passthrough enemies& different mobs. Watch out for narrow passagesand lanes!There you almost have no chance to get out alive! Make upyour mindabout the gun (though you may prefer a bow or a knife) andpolishyour killing skills! Perform at your best and share your highscoreon Facebook and Twitter! Main Features of a campaign mode: •Widechoice of arms, such as Colt, Heavy machine gun, AK47, MP5,andmany others. • A lot of absolutely different maps. • Many typesofzombies and enemies. • Awesome HD pixel graphics withdynamiclight. • Breathtaking sound effects and songs. Useheadphones formaximum fun! • Cool fun on the age of PC FPSshooters.*** SKINSMAKER *** Now you can make your OWN SKIN and USEIT IN THEMULTIPLAYER GAME!Thank you for all the comments andadvices, wereally appreciate it. In this version we tried tofulfill yourwishes. Wait for the next updates with new coolfeatures!——————————————————————————————————This is not an officialMojangapp. Pixel Gun 3D is not associated or connected with MojangAB andits game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademarkofMojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with thecreatorof this game or its licensers.